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The 2016 State of Wyoming legislative session provides opportunity to lobby for Kaycee School's interests.  Please feel free to use the information below for your lobbying efforts.

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Current Bills

  • Bill Information (http://legisweb.state.wy.us/lsoweb/session/BillsInfo.aspx
  • The Kaycee School Advisory Council has looked at several proposed bills working their way through our state legislature.  Out of the many issues addressed our group decided to prioritize and narrow the focus to two issues, at least for now.  The first being the Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC) cutting education funding for the next biennium by 1% this year and 2% next year.  The second being Senate File 0024, Supplemental at-risk funding for early childhood education.  
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General Information

Talking Points

**When submitting comments to legislators on these or any issues remember to be courteous, concise, and consistent in your messages.
  • Concerning the JAC cuts to education it should be noted that there currently exists a "block funding model" that incorporates statewide economic downturns into its funding model.  Factors included are school enrollment as well as internal and external factors that basically factor in the state of the local economy by gauging local inflation/deflation.  This model is described as "self-correcting" in that it automatically cuts funding during economic downturns.  The JAC recommended cuts of 40-45 million would be on top of this already existing funding model.  Some talking points might include:
    • Wyoming is mandated by our State Constitution to prioritize adequate education funding
    • Currently the State is looking at spending 200 - 300 million (and counting) on a state capital refurbishment with no cuts from the original spending proposal made at this time
    • Cuts to education are already factored in from the block funding model detailed above.  No other agency is subject to these economically self adjusting cuts so with this additional 1% and 2% from the JAC, education is in essence facing twice the budgetary cuts
    • Kaycee schools are already forecasting around a 7.5% decrease in enrollment so already will be looking at a corresponding cut in block model funding
    • Small school districts and smaller schools are hit harder under these cuts because of proportionality when compared to larger schools
    • Currently the State has around 20 billion dollars in "rainy day" reserves
  • Senate File 24 is a bill concerning pre-kindergarten education for "at risk" kids.  To insure that kids can attain everything possible from their education it is imperative that they don't start out behind their peers.  This bill attempts to help those kids.  This bill would also help to fund summer school programs as well as "extended day intervention" such as Focus Fridays.  It should be noted that as bills progress through the legislative process because of amendments they can sometimes change dramatically from their original form.  As it progresses this is a bill that merits watching.  A couple of talking points might include:
    • Locally and elsewhere this bill might address community needs.  
    • This bill should be about enhancing pre-school choices for parents
    • Knowing the pre-kindergarten fundamentals is critically important to a child's education future

Helpful Prompts

  • Be courteous and concise.
  • The subject line should address the issue of the email - EX:  School Funding 
  • Introduce yourself as a constituent by name and your role in the community.
  • State the reason for the email EX: "I am asking that you hold  steady with the funding model that is currently in place in funding education.  It is a model that does provide adjustment for economic downturns based upon enrollment."
  • Share a philosophical idea.  EX: "Our state constitution mandates education as a priority.  I agree that a quality education for the students of our great state should be held to that priority."  OR  "Compromising funding could compromise the ability to deliver a quality education."  
  • State your continued interest.  EX:  "I will be continuing to monitor the progress of this funding as the session continues." 
  • Thank them for their time and/or service

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