Strategic Focus

Kaycee School is relentlessly focused on our vision, mission, and beliefs in our continuous improvement  efforts.

Our Vision

Make Every Minute Count

Our Mission

Kaycee School strives to empower all students to be excellent academically, socially, physically, and emotionally through an engaging, diverse environment, fostering authentic relationships, and supporting academic independence by communicating with all stakeholders.


Kaycee School is committed to the 8 Keys of Excellence as a school framework. 
This Is It! 
To focus our attention on the present moment. To make whatever we are doing at any given time the most important. 

To take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Ownership is knowing that we can’t always control what happens, be we can control how we respond. 

Speak with Good Purpose 
To be positive with our language. When there is a problem, avoid gossip by communicating with the person directly involved. 

To do what we set out to do. When we live a life of commitment, we have the discipline to follow through with our commitments to others and to ourselves, even when it is challenging. 

Failure Leads to Success 
To see failures as feedback. We can learn from mistakes and make the changes needed to be more successful in the future. 

To align our actions with our values. A person of Integrity consistently follows a strict code of personal values in a way that demonstrates moral excellence. 

To change our actions to get the desired outcome. Flexibility allows us multiple ways to get the result. 

To make the choices in our life that provide lasting fulfillment. Inner happiness comes from making choices that fill up our body, mind, and spirit.